Privacy Policy [ Sports Evaluator ]

Security and Privacy Statement for Sports Evaluator Tool (SET)

We require access to your devices internal storage, device information and WiFi network.

  • Sports Evaluator Tool has NO paid ads
  • Access to device information only for licensing information
  • No user licensed information or Athlete’s data sold to other sources
  • ePower has no access to your Athlete's data
  • You own and control your data, you own the Master XLS Spreadsheet data
  • Sports Evaluation tool has limited device access to resources for application use only
  • Application can only access your data location for data retrieval and update purposes
  • No 3rd party servers or data collection used, nor any monthly paid server access required
  • Evaluation data on Evaluator’s devices is encrypted
  • Sports Evaluator Tool app requires Evaluator logon account to use the application
  • You control and assign Evaluator logon accounts

If you have any questions, contact us at