Electronic Signature capture process using the SignIT ADG application. With SignIT ADG (Android Drop and Go) application, you can capture signatures electronically on various business documents, such as Sales Invoices, Pick Orders, Delivery Slips, Sales Order Approvals, Employee Leave Requests, Employee Expense Form, and etc. There are many other documents that you can use the signature capture feature of SignIT ADG.

Product Versions

  • SignIT-ADG - FREE 
  • SignIT-ADG - LITE 
  • SignIT-ADG - PRO 


Site Wide licensing is available for pricing details call DFI or email

see product matrix below

Product Details

SignIT ADG is a feature-rich application for the freehand or stylist signing or annotating of a PDF and TIFF document. SignIT ADG features and application functionality is managed through the application’s Setup Screen. The SignIT-ADG application can use one of the 5 types of file servers, such as FTP (sFTP, FTPs, FTP), Google Drive, Windows or Linux File Server, and standalone device.


SignIT ADG License Types

SignIT ADG supports two license types, Local license or Site License. The Local license type has 4 subtypes of licenses: FREE, LITE, PRO, or ENTERPRISE. Each license subtype has a specific set of application features. The SignIT ADG Site License type is a fully featured application with an unlimited number of enterprise users.


Using SignIT ADG

In an order entry and delivery system, goods will be ordered, charge to an account or paid by credit card, after the goods have been delivered and received.  With SignIT ADG you have the order emailed to the customer, produce the packaging slip for the delivery and have the driver present a paper reference copy to the customer and an electronic copy on the SignIT ADG device for the customer to review, accept and sign for the goods received. Any discrepancies can be marked directly on the packing slip using the freehand or stylist to mark the document, sign and write any additional text, directly on the packing slip. When the customer signs and accepts the order as complete or with discrepancies, they can have the option of emailing a copy to them instantly. Or they can have the signed document emailed when the driver returns to base. All processed documents are sent to one of the file servers on either manual or auto synchronization and a local copy is maintained on the device as a backup and removed when the synchronized copy is successfully received at the file server. Order confirmation, document approvals, expense reports, diagrams or drawing and many other types of documents requiring your review and approvals, can be sent you through email, saved to the device and opened with the SignIT ADG application. All viewing, markup, signing and email features are available.


SignIT ADG Folder Structure and Document Sync Process

The SignIT ADG works off a folder structure system. The application supports two types of folder structures, a simple single folder structure or a complex multiple folder structures.  In the single folder structure, the SignIT ADG application creates and manages one folder on the local device and file server for all documents that are incoming, outgoing and processed. When using a multiple file structure the SignIT ADG application will create three unique folders on the local device and file server. An IN folder for incoming documents, an OUT folder for outgoing documents, and a PROCESSED folder for processed documents.

The SignIT ADG synchronization process auto manages document movement between the device, device folders and files server folders. The synchronization process downloads new documents and uploads processed documents between the local device and the file server. and sync file using either folder structure.



ePower Apps uses:

  • professional mobile development teams,

  • global developers and using world-class technologies,

  • the Agile Development and Quality Assurance processes, with professional online or email Support, and   

  • subscribe to our code of professional ethics (see website for more details)

Security and Privacy

We take security and privacy very seriously,

We require access to your devices internal storage and WiFi network only for the processing of your documents.

  • SignIT-ADG had NO Paid Ads  
  • We access your device information only for licensing information which is the minimum data to uniquely identify you and your device
  • The information is maintained in an encrypted format, not shared with anyone outside the developing business
  • No user licensed information or data is sold or made available to other sources
  • You own and control your data, you own documents
  • SignIT-ADG has limited device access to resources for application use only
  • The application can only access your data location for data retrieval and update purposes  
  • All the files in devices are encrypted except PDF or TIFF file
  • Read and Write permission is mandatory for SD-Card.

If you have any questions, contact us at


  • Easy to use
  • Draw line and text on PDF file using finger or stylist.
  • Servers list manager screen to manage or create multiple servers in SignITADG root folder, we will create these servers for setup multiple servers in the single application.
  • Filename list format on the Home screen.
  • Supports 5 types of file servers (Google Drive, Windows, Linux, FTP, and Local Device File Servers).
  • 4 Types of Licensing(Free, Lite, Pro, Enterprise), all licensing have a different feature to use the server.
  • Supports 4 licensing types (Free, Lite, Pro, Enterprise), each license type supports different features.
  • Support PDF book reading.
  • Auto Sync feature, which is uploads document, files, and data without open application.
  • Application Lock feature, as SignIT-ADG auto locks based on a custom timer.
  • Supports the blind signature process on to a rectangle white area.
  • Supports document file formats PDF and TIFF.
  • Multiple color themes to change application color for custom user settings.
  • Optional hide document extension feature to remove file extension on Home screen file list.
  • Create Tag file feature to add all the document information into a file with the matching file name for easy EDMS inclusion.

Languages Supported

Currently, SignIT ADG supports the following languages.

  • English
  • Czech
  • Dutch
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Vietnamese


 Product Features Matrix

File Servers          
* File Server (Windows/Linux Share) - - X X Done
FTP Server  -  X  Done 
SFTP Server  -  - X Done
FTPS Server  - X Done
Google Drive File Server X X X X Done
Device Server(Tab1,Phone1 File Server)  -  Done 
Lock Screen          
requires PIN Code X - X X Done
Tag File Functionality:- XML,JSON  -  - X  X  Done
Pin Code functionality  X - X X  Done
Password functionality X - X X  Done
Processed File Folder using MM_MMM Subfolder functionality - - - X  Done
Share File Functionality          
* share any signed document using the Google Shared Feature X(Water- Marked) X X X Done
* flatten- no longer a form X X X X Done
* as-is form state for further processing - - X X Done
* sign PDF X(Water- Marked)   X  Done
sign TIFF(After convert PDF) - - X X  Done
PDF X(Water- Marked)  X X X  Done
* TIFF  -  -  X   X   Done 
* PDF and TIFF -  - X  X   Done 
* Device Server(All in One Unit- Admin, server & SignIT Device)  -  -    Done  
* File Server - - - -   Done 
** FTP Server - - - X   Done 
** SFTP Server  -  -  X    Done 
** FTPS Server - - - X   Done 
** Google File Server X(Water- Marked)  X X X    Done 
** File Server (Windows/Linux Share) - - X X    Done 
** Device Server(Tab1,Phone1 File Server)  -  -  X      Done  
 Text Input on PDF Annotation functionality for forms          
* flatten- no longer a form  X X    Done   
* as-is form state for further processing - - X X   Done  
* sample forms for testing ROT and TimeSheet  X X X X   Done  
Orientation functionality - - X X   Done  
Change Admin Password functionality  -   -  X X    Done   
License File Support          
* Send current license file to Support - simple button and email process X X X X Done
Paywalls for Purchases and Upgrades          
 * Google X X X X  Done
 * PayPal X X  X  X  Done
 License Upgrade Ability From Free to Enterprise          
 * Upgrade Button  X  X  X  X  Done
 ** On Upgrades auto include the user's current license file for support (DFI Support should be able to read current license file for user's name and current license type they hold: Free, Lite, Pro, Enterprise or Site Wide.  X  X  X  X  Done
 * Site Wide for Lite, Pro or Enterprise (must call for special licensing)  -  X  X  X  Done
 ** License must be read from the root folder of the data server  -  X  X  X  Done
 ** No local licensing on the device, device checks server for a license on a synchronize or data pickup file from another device folder  -  X  X  X  Done
 License SignIT ADG ICON Change          
 ** As APK is upgraded or installed the internal ICON and About screen need to change to reflect install licensed product  X  X  X  X  Done
 APK ICON to be the same for all installed Free or Licensed products  X  X  X  X  Done
 Licensed Product ICON on internal Screens need to change to reflect installed licensed product  X  X  X  X  Done
 Licensed Product About Screen that reflects installed licensed product and changes  X  X  X  X  Done
 Install Folders          
 * SignITADGTool (with subfolders)  -  -  -  -  Done
 ** SIT Free  X  -  -  -  Done
 ** SIT Lite  -  X  -  -  Done
 ** SIT Pro  -  -  X  -  Done
 ** SIT Enterprise  -  -  -  X  Done
 Process PDF file From Single Click          
 Using 'Standalone' Folder Process  -  -  -  -  Done
 Using 'IN' Folder Process  -  -  -  -  Done